Different Types Of Locks To Use In Safes

When it comes to keeping our valuables safe, we always depend on security safes. Whether it be at home or even at the bank, safes are the best way of going about keeping your money and or even jewellery safe. In addition to this, safes are also easily accessible to its owners and thus provides a sense of convenience along with security. When it comes to safes there are two primary locks involved. One would be a mechanical dial clock and the other would be an electronic/digital clock. While both locks provide a high degree of security, they both pose their advantages and disadvantages. It would also be extremely important to know how these locks work in an emergency where you are unable to get through the security of your own safe.

Here are some important facts about both of these types of locks which could really help you get out of a tricky situation.

Digital Locks

Most modern firms and companies have adopted this type of safe to overcome the above issue of the dial lock. A digital lock, as the word suggests is able to have a 4 digit code which enables you to access the safe. This is safer as it makes hacking into safes extremely difficult. It also takes less time to set up and operate. If you do plan on purchasing one, you may want to buy one on the standards of Keeler Hardware click here online stores. You won’t have to stress about anything as these types of safes are also fireproof and can withstand any natural elements which may tarnish your belongings.

Mechanical Dial Locks

Most of us are familiar with these types of locks as they have been used for centuries on older versions of safety boxes. Mechanical Dial locks come in the shape of a knob and are attached to the forefront of the safe. It can be accessed by simply inserting a 3 pin code which would ten immediately open the safe. In order to enter the pin numbers, you need to rotate the knob several times before you get full access. When you first purchase this type of safe, the manufacturers usually set the default pin as 000 and you can reset from there onwards. While this may be a painful process and take up a lot of your time, Dial locks have been regarded as the most long lasting locks which may last for generations.

Even ancient safes which have mechanical locks are still completely functional! However, there is a downside to having this type of lock and it is the security aspect. While the safe itself may be very strong, most thieves are now accustomed to being able to hack and break into a dial lock. This enables them to find the 3 digit passcode and access your belongings. While this occurs on very rare occasions, you wouldn’t want to compromise on the safety of your belongings.

Thus in conclusion, the more viable choice of the two types of locks on safes would be the digital lock, owing to the vast amount of advantages it poses.

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