5 Various Uses of a Staple Gun

A staple gun is definitely a useful tool when it comes to various home projects such as carpeting, upholstery, and many more. It has different types, depending on how it is powered – compressed air, electric and muscle powered. Knowing the job you want to get done is important to pick the right kind of staple gun for you. Picking the right size and type of staplers is also essential to avoid problems such as jamming and many more. Here are the 5 common uses of a staple gun in home improvement projects.


These are most commonly used in upholstery. This tool fastens the fabric neat and tight onto the frame of furniture such as a sofa or chair, giving it a cleaner and good looking silhouette. Always choose high powered staple guns if you’re planning to use it for upholstery since it has to be strong enough to fasten different materials into hard furniture frames. Aside from staples, there are other types that can insert nails and holds much stronger than staples.


Aside from upholstery, another common use of this tool is for carpeting. Simply staple your carpet on the floor to make it steady in place. Aside from that, staples are also strong enough to hold and fasten a carpet on walls if you’re soundproofing a room. Since carpets are thick and heavy, be sure to choose staples that are big and strong enough to hold these pieces well.

Home Repair and Carpentry

Almost every homeowner does a little bit of carpentry and repair at home once in a while. There are so many uses of this tool when it comes to home improvement. Aside from fastening carpets and using for upholstery, staple gun can also be used to fasten thicker and harder materials like wood. You can use this tool to fasten together boards or wooden panels at your home. For thicker or heavier materials, you can opt for the types that can insert nails too aside from staples.


This power tool is definitely helpful for those who love doing DIY home construction projects. From a simple garden shed to a comfy dog house, a staple gun makes it easier to fasten different parts together in a snap. You can definitely save a lot of time and energy because there’s no need to keep hammering anymore.


A staple gun is a great help when it comes to decorating your home. It is stronger than the usual fastening tools and could hold different kinds of decorative stuffs well. Whether you’re adding a decorative frame around your home’s window or simply want to hang a frame or any other decoration in your wall, you can be sure that it would stay in place for a long time.

A staple gun is one of the best tools when it comes to general fastening needs in your home. Be sure to know what kind of home improvement projects you’ll be doing to pick the right kind of fastening tool to be used.

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