5 Ways Weight Training is Beneficial for Women

Weight training is a category of strength training that utilizes weights for resistance. This is done through the creation of stress on the muscles performed with free weights, such as barbells, dumbbells, weight plates, or through the use of weight machines in the gym. Exercises using weights help in muscle activation, endurance and strength.

The effectiveness of weight training is dependent on the techniques used. Ensure to have a certified trainer or experienced gym buddy to teach the correct techniques. For women in particular weight training was perceived as a negative method of muscle building due to claims of a bulkier and more masculine appearance.

However, such claims have been proven false as the National Health Service in the UK suggests cardio and strength training is required to maintain overall health effectively. In addition, weight training can help in achieving the leaner body type most women desire. I have outlined 5 ways weight training benefit women below:

1.     Burns Fat

Weight training helps women build lean muscle. Muscles are activated through metabolism and a muscle is a tissue which contains fat and carbohydrates that burn for energy. Therefore, more muscle increases the metabolic rate and contributes to weight loss through fat burning. In hindsight, the more muscle you build, the more weight you lose. This will help the majority of women who desire a lean physique achieve their goals.

2.     Get Stronger, Not Bulkier

In contrast to men, women do not get bulky from strength training. This is because testosterone is the main hormone responsible for bulking via weight training. Women have a lower level of testosterone in comparison to men. For instance, women have approximately ten percent of the testosterone of a male. Due to this woman can build toned and defined muscles without increasing in size.

3.     Better Athletic Performance

Weight training can aid in sports as it improves endurance, speed, flexibility and power. It can assist the body in adapting to a variety of situations within the sphere of sports or life in general. The athletic build could also be achieved through carrying out various weight training related exercises.

For example, combining weight plates to dumbbell and barbell exercises. Weight plates can be utilized not only for lifting purposes but for increasing endurance, enhancing strength and improving stability. If you’re an athletic woman who prefers home workouts and weight plates are a bit over your budget, look for weight plates for sale for the best results.

4.     Positively Impacts Bone Density

When human bones have been placed under stress from resistance training over a long duration of time, the bones elevate in strength and increase in density. The increase of bone density reduces the risk of men and women developing bone related diseases such as osteoporosis. Hence, as weight training is a form of resistance training it is effective in enabling the bones to bear more force.

5.     Mood Booster

Regular exercise in general releases endorphins which improves a person’s mood, reduces pain and fights off symptoms of depression. Majority of women who weight train claim to feel confident and satisfied every time they lift a higher amount of weights as they become stronger and more motivated.

Girls! Grab your weights and start training for the lean and strong body of your dreams.

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