6 Things to Consider Before Buying Artificial Grass

If you’re thinking of buying artificial grass, our article would help. All the points to consider to help you find the right option are discussed below.


The turf needs to be soft – you’re going to be walking on it barefoot. And if you have kids, they’d likely want to play on it. They won’t be able to do this if its surface is very abrasive.


Where is the grass going to be placed? If it’s going to be in a spot with a lot of traffic, it’ll need to be very durable. Don’t fear, artificial grass comes in all shapes and sizes. The store you’re working with would likely have an option that would work for you.

Astroturf is very tough. You might’ve heard of it and wondered how long does Astro Turf last. You can expect it to be around for 20 years. It’s so durable that it’s used for sports fields. Maybe give it a try?


You might be purchasing the turf online. As artificial grass comes in a variety of styles, feels, and sizes, you’ll need a sample of what you’re interested in. You’d know if it’d be the right choice or not. Unfortunately, not a lot of stores offer samples. Make sure you work with the ones that do.

If you’re going to be buying from a physical store, hopefully, they can give you samples as well. You can take them back home and compare them to find the best.


You don’t want people to realize that you’ve placed artificial grass and not the real deal. How easy it would be to tell is determined by the grain and how evenly coloured the product you bought is.


As the turf would be made from plastic, you wouldn’t have to maintain it often. But this doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t require tending to at all. Depending on the option you purchased, how much maintenance it would require would differ. You might have to hose some of them down more frequently than others, as they’d tend to collect dust.

Generally, cheap artificial grass requires the most maintenance.


Some turfs can be heavy; they might have more fiber than others. Denser alternatives look the best – they give off the appearance of well-manicured lawns. However, as they’re denser, they would have more weight. If you’re going to be placing artificial grass on a balcony, weight is a major factor to consider.

Final Thoughts

What did you think about everything discussed? There are enough and more things to keep in mind before purchasing turfs. Make sure that the option you buy is high-quality. It would look richer, and provide the most bang for your buck.

Weight is something you have to consider if you’re going to be placing the grass on a balcony. You don’t want the floors to lose their support, now do you?

Of course, get a sample before settling on a product. This would let you really compare and know if it’ll work for you or not.

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