How Do You Design A Living Room?

You may be a new homeowner. That’s why you’re looking to design your living room. Thankfully for you, you’ve come to the right place. Because we’ll be going through the countless things you have to consider for the design process. So, why not read ahead?


One of the most important things you have to consider is the size of the living room you have. You should measure its dimensions from top to bottom. Do not be shy and get your measuring tape out. This will help you find furniture that would fit it perfectly.

If you don’t mark its dimensions down you could find pieces that are too big. This would cause it to be stuffy and not fun to chat in- make your guests feel comfortable and avoid this.

Focal Point

When you walk into the living room, there should be a focal point. This will gather the attention of everyone who’s entered your home. This makes the living room look more appealing. You should direct the focal point to where the couches are, as this is where everyone would be chatting.

If you’re wondering how you can create a focal point, add things that would catch anyone’s attention to the mentioned location. So if it’s the seating area, pick out an extravagant rug and decorate the couches well.


Be sure to get furniture that comes in varying textures and shapes. This would create a contrast is appealing.


Lighting is vital when it comes to designing spaces. You should look at the walls, making note of where light bulbs are. Hopefully, there are many as a room that’s not lit well would look like a den. This would dampen the work you’ve put into it.

You should be creative with your light fixtures. Make sure to get some that come in a material and design that would compliment the color palette of the living room. For example, it may be warm-toned. So, getting light fixtures that are gold would add a cohesive element but also a pop as it would be shiny.


A new paint job is a must when designing a living room. Many think you should paint the walls first, then pick out furniture that would match. This shouldn’t be the case as you may not find items that complement the color you’ve chosen.

Moreover, you may have expensive pieces. So the color may not match them which would be in vain.

Painting the walls one color is normal. However, you should have an accent wall. It would be a different color from the rest and would add a much needed pop.

For example, the rest of the walls could be white while the accent one is black or a deep blue.

Knock Down Walls

When designing a living room, you should think about knocking down a few walls. This would create an open floor plan that’s very much in demand.

Anyone who walks into your home would appreciate this feature and if you’re looking to sell the property, the open floor plan would raise your home’s value.

As you can easily see, multiple things to consider when designing a living space should be kept in mind.

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