How Plastic Is Destroying Our Future

If you want to see a change- the first step is to be the Change!

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic wavered the whole world with an unfortunate virus, which has left humankind to breathe in fear. Similarly, there is another equally disturbing topic. Humans are creating a threatening future with their negligence and lack of motivation to alter their behaviours.

According to studies, the plastic trash in the oceans is so gigantic that it is known as the 7th continent. Furthermore, it is said that by the year 2050, the sea will be more plastic than marine life; if we continue at this rate!

Plastic pollution is one of the most haunting threats to our planet, followed by Global warming. If there is anything we can do, it is to stop the usage of this material.  The plastic material does not decompose. Thus, the waste collected and piled up in the environment is called plastic pollution. Hence, it results in affecting the quality of lifestyle- the harmful chemicals from plastics can affect humans. Moreover, it damages the environment as well as kills animals.

How to solve this issue?

One can take major actions like cleaning up the beach or conducting an environmental act. However, to bring a permanent revolution, one should implement changes in the daily lifestyle.  Below mentioned are the four categories which explain how one can make an impact. 


It is the utmost step every individual should take. There are so many products out there in the market that promotes green and are eco-friendly. By reducing the usage of plastic, the overall wastage piled up in the environment will be reduced. One should try to use the safer alternative in their daily routine.

For instance, instead of buying plastic straws for your guests buy silicone straws. These straws are non-plastic, made from food-grade, and can be reused. Another example is, instead of using shopping bags, switch to cloth or paper bags. These options are plastic-free and do not harm the environment. Small changes create greater impacts.


As mentioned above, opt for reusable materials.  Another reason for the pollution is how poorly the plastic items are managed. Suppose you have a plastic good, that you no longer need, instead of throwing it away, consider all the possible options of how it can be reused.

For example, you can use an empty plastic drink bottle to turn into a plant holder. Thus, this DIY will also make you plant more seeds.


Since it does not completely decompose, the plastic wastage is gathered to reprocess it and create new products. The collected plastic is then shredded. Hence, it reduces the wastage put out in the atmosphere. There are many firms that have initiated this move. More than anything, it stops the brand-new production of plastic goods.


Last but not least is the factor responsible for creating a change. The awareness and the reality kept in front of the eyes can only make one decide to make better and wise choices.

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