How to Effectively Work Remotely

Working remotely is not a norm since there are those who are having a hard time separating their work life from their home life. It helps your brain differentiate if it needs to work or if it could relax. There are numerous benefits to working remotely. One of those is that you can work wherever. You could move from city to city or even to another country if you feel like it. You could work at your favourite coffee shop, at the library, in your balcony, etc. When you work in your own space, you could set up a working environment that makes you more productive.

Now that you have thought of all of the advantages of working remotely, you have to consider the factors to make working remotely effective, especially if you have a team working with you.

Have A Clear Communication Channel?

Working remotely with a team is a hassle especially if you do not have a clear communication channel. You could not just walk over to someone to ask about the email you did not understand. You must have clear communication with your team members because if its fuzzy, there would be room for misunderstandings that could jeopardize your projects.

If you are not communicating well with your team, some might lose their drive and passion and would just submit their work haphazardly. A clear communication channel must have a feature for face to face communication since emails, direct messages, chats might be misconstrued.

Have A Project Tracking System?

Working with numerous people and working on several projects, it would be hard to keep track of every one and every task. By having a project tracking system like the admation software, you could see who is working on which of your projects. Your team could also be reminded whether a deadline is nearing. Instructions on the tasks could also be posted in the tracking system for your team member to be on track on how they need to finish their assignments.

Have an Easy to Navigate Collaboration Board

When you have a “collaboration” board, all your team members could collaborate on the project at hand. Everyone could participate in the creative process. A collaboration board could also ensure that everyone is doing their part and performing at the same level since the collaboration board could also serve as inspiration/motivation. With a board where everyone could freely post their ideas, it creates efficiency and creativity from the smallest detail of the task to the most complicated.

Have A Structured Check-In During the Workweek?

Working remotely should still have a structured check-in to make sure that all your team is reporting daily. It could be an attendance poll or team calls or being online on a chat messaging platform. What’s important is that they are online when they are expected to be online the duration of the work day.

Working remotely is a way to make your employees work more productively. It might be difficult for you to trust your team to work the time they are supposed to really work but adapting to it could make the most rewarding work environment for you and your team.

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