How to Get into The Habit of Writing

Writing is an underrated skill. Only writers will know how tedious the task of allowing words to paint a picture can be. The ability to create, inspire and bring life to your work while it can come easily, takes a lot of effort, time and re-drafting.

However, a person’s writing can only improve with daily practice and research. The voice of a writer is what gives them their individuality and learning their craft can shape it. While you may not be able to write a book or a short story there are ways in which you can kick-start the process. Writing only improves with dedication and commitment so here are some ways to help.

Find a comfortable space

Much to contrary belief of all you need is a writing pad or laptop to start writing, the place you do it at plays a huge role in how you continue. The space selected for writing should have very little distraction, which is clutter or noise.

When you are in an environment that constantly distracts you, your thoughts aren’t allowed to flow stumping you from getting any work done. Set up a space that you are comfortable in starting with a chair that gives sufficient support. All of these play a role in how to help your thoughts flow into a story.


You do not have to start with your story the first day you start writing however journaling has been known to help improve your skills of language and storytelling. Journaling is the art of writing daily to keep track of something in your life, it acts as a way to review things you have written down on a later day and see comparisons. The best way to start journaling is to get a creative notebook that will inspire you to write. If you are looking for notebooks NZ has a range of stationers or online stores that offer journals.

Set aside a time and word count

There are days when we can write 300 words without any hindrance and days, we cannot get through 50. While that is understandable it is important to not give up. By setting aside a time you are making sure to commit to writing, much like working out or exercising it is important to make it a habit so that you can do it continuously.

Write about what excites you

It is difficult to write about something that you do not feel or relate too. While you may think that the topic you are invested in is not trending or might not be popular it is important to stay true to yourself. You will only be able to tell stories about the things that inspire you. Therefore, instead of trying to fit into the mould learn how to best write your interest. Learn new ways to improve your writing skills by looking up stories written by other writers.

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