How to Handle A Car Accident?

While a car accident is not something, we wish on anyone, sometimes accidents are inevitable. And in case of an accident, you need to be prepared how to deal with the aftermath, even when it is not your fault. Here are some of the tips for you to know in order to handle the post-accident work without a fuss.

Medical Help

In case the accident is serious or have caused any sort of injury, the first and foremost thing to do is call for medical help, if the witnesses have not already called.  Most of the times, injuries caused by car accidents are not visible. Also, even a small injury can cause damage to the spinal cord or give you concussions. Therefore, unless you are very sure that you and other passengers are fine, do seek medical attention.

Be Ready with the Relents Information

Gathering the necessity information or being ready with the relevant information. Some of the most important details you need to collect include, driver’s name and address, their insurance company name and policy information, contact information of witnesses if there are any. Also make a not to take clear pictures of the accident scene – this includes not only the photos of the damaged vehicle but also injuries of the passengers. Most often, drivers who cause the accident are reluctant to report them. In such a case, these details can come in use.

Call the Police

Calling the police can be another step that is useful when you are filing a claim. So even if there are no injuries, a police report will give a little extra halo in claiming your insurance. Make sure you are giving the police an accurate report of the accident. Never assume what happens. If you do not remember any fact or if any part is unclear, be sure to mention that instead of guessing. If there are no visible injury, and you are asked if injured, it is always better to reply with ‘I don’t know’ instead of no because most often injuries become apparent a few hours after the accident.

Choose a Lawyer

If this is a minor accident with no injuries at all or is a small claim, you can always settle the matter at a local court and often without a lawyer. However, if there are any issues in the process or if the accident is serious you will need to hire one of the car accident lawyers Adelaide to help you with the legal proceedings. Make sure to choose your lawyer wisely; getting referrals before heading straight into hiring a lawyer or looking for lawyers with experience is always a wise decision.

Report to All Relevant Parties

The police will determine who is at fault after the investigation. However, the police are not the only people you should report to after an accident. You will have to notify your insurance company as soon as possible. The insurer will also determine on their own who is at fault in the accident. This is where the police report and witness statements come in use for you.

Although we never expect accidents in life, it is always better to know how to deal with one. This will keep you prepared in case of an unexpected situation and minimise further problems; health issues or even financial and legal problems.

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