How to Impress Your Clients without Having To Splurge?

It’s a well-established fact that an impressed client means continuing business and a thriving company. However, many people misunderstand that impressing clients mean showering them with expensive gifts or taking them out for meals at exclusive restaurants. Not only do we say that’s not necessarily so (though it can help!), but we say doing the below will help you impress your clients without having to splurge…

Set the Setting

Where you have your meeting can be almost as important as the meeting itself; especially with the clients who pick into all the details. Obviously, having a meeting room of your own is an advantage; one with a brilliant view would be ideal. However, we understand that not everyone has access to such a meeting room¾after all, not everyone starts their business with a lot of money to begin with.  This is when hiring executive meeting rooms is not only a good idea, but also a smart one.

Punctuality Is Vital For Making a Great Impression

People in the business world count time as money; so anyone who disrespects time or does not respect the time of a businessman is considered almost ill mannered. Before setting an appointment with a client, be very sure you’ll be able to make it on time for that suggested time. Leave with plenty of time, preferably in a taxi, so that once you arrive there, you need not waste time looking for a parking spot.It’s alright to be a little early, but try your best to avoid keeping your client waiting.

Remembering Client Key Words and Important Information about the Client

Doing a research on the client even before you have the initial meeting with them is a given. However, most people fail to keep a few key information about the client in mind; particularly things like their goals and their ideals. Reminding them of these very facts will impress your clients, as it’ll make them feel you know what interests them. If you’ve happened to have had a meeting with them already, recall a few key words that they used when discussing their ideas. Use those words when pitching your own ideas, as this impresses them as well as makes them feel heard and understood.

Train Your Staff and Employees to Be Courteous and Efficient

If you truly want to impress clients, then this should be a priority to everyone in your company. From the parking lot attendant, to the front desk people…right up to your personal secretary, every single person being exposed to the company’s clients need to be given a basic training of how you expect your clients to be treated. This is regardless to their prior experience working elsewhere. Priorities change from company to company; so make sure your employees are clear on yours.

Make Your Presentation and Your Pitch More Appealing

If you have to convince your clients to use your service or products, then do so in an appealing manner. Avoid the boring slide shows and step up your presentation skills. Appeal to your clients’ other senses as well as their sight, so that they are totally captured by your pitch. Make them passionate about using your products or services at the end of your pitch…!

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