How To Promote Agriculture With Low Cost Means

The world has come so far as to produce artificial intelligence that can think and act. However, no one has found a solution for world hunger. Every day, thousands of people die of mere hunger or malnutrition. Ironically, there are another few thousand dying due to eating too much as well. Wrong eating habits lead to non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases; however, all of these is made possible by the farmer and agriculture, which is one of the oldest professions in the world.

How Can We Use Renewable Energy Sources For Agriculture?

When promoting agriculture with low cost means, using of renewable sources for energy comes at the top. For e.g. water is a must for agriculture; how can we make sure that it is renewable? Using water with utmost care, using drop-irrigation method, for e.g. is one way to do it. Wind can be used in agriculture as well; wind turbines generate enough power to do tasks within a farm house.

Agriculture itself helps us in this endevour; mulch resulting after the crops are harvested can be used to generate methane gas. Cow dung and other animal excretion also can be added to this mixture which generates methane. The gas can power small electric appliances or simply supply power for the lights within the farm house.

Sunlight- The Must Ingredient

Of course, all plants and hence animals exist due to sunlight. The only food we eat which doesn’t have a plant source is salt. Although salt is an ingredient which we cannot do without, we cannot certainly do without all the other plant-based food matters, either.

Apart from the sun helping the photosynthesis and generation of food in the plants and trees, we can also make use of it as a power generator. If you visit, you may see many testimonials that prove that solar panels can be a huge benefit in agriculture. For example greenhouses need to be maintained with the right temperature with oil and gas, but the sun can help reduce the oil and gas usage via apparatus such as heat sinks.

Other Usages

Sunlight and the power generated from it comes in handy especially in the rural areas where installing power lines could be tricky. Solar panels don’t have moving parts and they are easier to be maintained when compared to the fuel apparatus. Solar-panel generated power can be used for many functions, from irrigation to milling of grains, poultry heating and lighting to refrigeration of milk products. 

It is a highly cost effective method especially for a small farm-like economic centre. A farm has a lot of energy-dependent functions and solar panels can prevent them from getting a huge electricity bill. It will work in rain or drought and there is no need to worry about drought-related power cuts as well.

Agriculture provides all what we eat. Especially during these trying times, we saw clearly, how even when the biggest factories stopped work, the farmers couldn’t do so simply because people will die of hunger if they don’t’ work. To make agriculture cost-effective is one way for us to get cheaper food. Therefore, more research has to be done on ways to do so.

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