Must Have Features in A Modern Bathroom

When designing a new house or repairing your house, the bathroom and all the details that goes into designing or redesigning it cannot simply be forgotten. But instead of trying the same old bathroom design ideas, why not try something new that can add both aesthetic and property value to your house? Here are five-bathroom features of a modern bathroom for you to consider.


Every bathroom should have enough space to store the essentials. This is for two reasons. You will need some space to store spare towels and toothbrushes and every other bathroom essential so wouldn’t have to run back to your room when you need them. The other reason is, to not have all the necessities cluttered around the basin.

If you are aiming to save the space, you can have some over the sink stage that takes space from your wall leaving enough floor space. You can also add an aesthetic element to the design by having baskets or boxes with your preferred style to store the essentials.

Walk-In Shower

Walk-in showers are another new feature that is popular in modern bathroom designs. This too is a great feature if you want to have some extra space, especially when compared to bath tubs. You can use glass slide panels too, especially if you still want to add to the illusion of more space.

These are easier to clean as well, because they do not have extra corners and crevices that traditional showers or the tubs have. Another added advantage of wall in showers is that they are wheelchair accessible, making them a great bathroom feature for anyone.

Simple and Minimalist Design

Most modern or contemporary bathroom looks are achieved by keeping everything simple and minimalist. This includes having simple geometric shapes – squares and rectangles most of the time – neutral colours, little decoration right lighting and enough space.  

Therefore, try adding simple tile designs, colour palettes with colours such as white or grey as prominent colours, and wall hung basins and wall hung toilets to add extra floor space. Visit to check out some of the best modern wall hung basin designs.

Towel Warmer Rails

Anyone would agree that this would be a great addition to any bathrooms. A heated towel warmer rail means you do not have to deal with soggy wet towels anymore. Or have your towels lying everywhere in the bathroom till they dry. Instead, these rails will dry your wet towels after you have used them and keep them dry and ready when you want to use them the next time. Nothing will make you feel better than a warm towel within your reach after a good shower.

Dual-Flush Toilets

This is one feature that can bring you a number of benefits when added to your bathroom. They are environmentally safe, save money and easy to maintain. These are designed in a way that saves water making reducing your water bills, and regulated the water usage much better than the traditional toilets, making them much more efficient. It is also recommended as a great bathroom feature for those who are living in warmer climates.

Instead of trying the same bathroom designs and the layout, try some of these, or even all of these design ideas when you design your new bathroom and see it transforming into a modern stylish space.

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