Should You Get an Invisible Fence for Your Dog?

There are many reasons why we need to confine our dogs (even if this breaks their heart and they could not freely run and roam whenever they want). It could be because a family member is allergic or the neighbours are complaining or the patio is freshly painted. We are also afraid that our pet might run outside our premises and get lost, involved in an accident or even dognapped. Interacting with other dogs is also a possibility and it might end in a fight or being exposed to contagious diseases and or fleas.

If the above-mentioned scenarios make you shudder, it seems fairly obvious now that an invisible fence is a necessity. But with every purchase, knowing the advantages and disadvantages could help us make an informed decision.


Aesthetically Pleasing

Invisible fences would not disrupt the way your yard looks because they are not bulky and would not hide your view. You and your family member would not need to make sure they close the gate so your dog would not run away because there isn’t any. Sure, markings are necessary in the beginning for everyone to know how to be careful where the invisible fences are, but once everyone get used to where they are, the markings could be removed.


Dogs are really smart and yours could outsmart traditional fences. They could jump through it, climb over it or even dug their way out under it. If the traditional fences do not work for your pet, you should try hidden fence for dogs because they have been known for their effectivity.


Sure, electric fences could be more expensive than traditional fences but with its effectivity and its being aesthetically pleasing is still considered to be affordable. Your dog would not be able to damage it compared to other traditional fences that they could chew on or claw their way out.


Dog Training

You’ve heard the saying “you can’t teach old dogs’ new trick”? Invisible fences might not work for older dogs because they needed to be trained to remember where the fence is. Although fencing companies include training protocols and or give instructions on how to train your dog. But if you don’t have the time and or the patience to train your dog, this might be a disadvantage for you.


It might be unsettling to see your dog experiencing discomfort when they forgot where the fence is and they felt the shock. The shock is not painful especially if properly set and there is a warning sound whenever the dog is getting to close for comfort before the electrical charge. Still, seeing your dog frustrated since there are no traditional fences to block their view and they could see other dogs freely running and roaming outside your yard could be difficult.

Installing an invisible fence should be thought of carefully. You must also consider your dog’s personality and what is better for them instead of just considering what you prefer.

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