Tools That Are Essential for Making Bread

Whether we are making bread or crafting something else, in order to get something right, we need to use the right tools. This is why when making bread; you need to have the most suitable tool or equipment for each task. Take a look at the list below to see the tools that are essential for making bread.

Bench Knife

Many people would think that a knife would be one of the least important tools in bred baking. But a bench knife which is a rectangular blade with a handle is useful in several tasks such as cubing butter or portioning the dough. A bench knife makes things easier than using a regular knife. Since it comes as a dull blade it will not hurt your cutting surfaces or your baking sheets making things much easier for you.

Loaf Pans

Loaf pans are not a necessity for making bread. But it is what can make your bread look like bread and therefore is necessary for the presentation of your finally baked product. Use a pan that has sturdy sides so that your bread will come out as a perfect sandwich bread shape and will not misshapen while in the oven.


Setting your oven to the right temperature is essential when it comes to baking. Having raw centres or over baked bread will only put all your effort to waste. In order to get the temperature right and get your bread perfect, get an oven thermometer to check the right heat inside the oven. You can also use a thermometer to make sure that the inside or the centre of your bread is baked fully and that the water you use for raising yeast is the right temperature.


Proper measurements will make sure you get the right consistency in the dough. If you do not follow the right measurements and have the wrong ratio of ingredients that need to be added, then this can lead to baking disasters. In order to avoid getting bread that do not taste right and wasting your ingredients, have a kitchen scale ready with you.

Baker Baskets

Want to make sure your bread looks the same as it is in your favourite bakery? This rick is achieved with the use of a baker’s basket. Look for Banneton Man baskets to find a collection of baker’s baskets that will help your bread get the beautiful round flour designs. These baskets come in both round and square varieties and you can choose whichever you prefer after browsing the collection of in the store.

Pastry Board

This is the perfect surface for rolling the dough. If you already have a good counter to do this job, you do not have to worry too much. But a pastry board will do the job better than simply using a cutting board like an amateur baker. Pastry boards are made using materials such as marble, wood or bamboo. These provide the perfect surface for rolling out your dough.

Want to bake like a pro? Then make sure you have the right tools of too. Add the above items to your shopping list to have the perfect baking experience.

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