What Is It Like To Become The Guardian Of A Child?

Being a parent is the best thing that can happen to someone. Most couples have a goal of making a family and are quite thrilled to have their children. However, some might not be that fortunate. Some might even want to have more than one child they are blessed with. Apart from being a foster parent, there is another option of being a guardian of a child if you wish so. That means you have to do the bringing up of the child with having all the duties, rights, powers and responsibilities of a parent.

Can A Natural Parent Be A Guardian?

Obviously a father and mother of the child are recognized in general as “joint guardians”. But in certain instances only the mother could be the kids’ only guardian. Parents are usually known as natural guardians obviously because they are the parents. The other type of guardians is testamentary guardians, which means they are appointed with the approval of the natural guardians, i.e. the parents.

It could also be court appointed ones, meaning the court felt that the child shouldn’t be living with the natural guardians. Therefore, the court assigns a close relative to the guardian. If the mother is not married nor in a civil union with the birth father of the child and she can prove that she was not living with him or treating him as a de facto partner, then she can become the sole guardian of the child.

What Comes As Responsibilities?

A guardian is supposed to provide day-to-day care for the kid. They are also expected to help with the child’s emotional, social, cultural, physical and intellectual as well as personal development. You might be expected, as a guardian, to help with making important decisions in his or her life. It might be about where the child is supposed to live. You might also have to decide with whom they can reside.

It might be a situation where the court has decided that living in their own house is not safe because of split parents, alcoholism and other problems like that. In that case you must facilitate to decide where and with whom the child is going to stay.

What If The Parents Are Not Together?

It is natural that with time spouses or partners become unhappy with each other, find someone or something they’re more interested in and so on. In the Western world splitting up has become quite natural. Nevertheless, it has to be treated with seriousness because when a child is growing up, the ideal situation is that he or she has both parents.

The love a parent can give is not the same as what another person would be able to provide. However, the law has allowed parents to stay as guardians even though they are separated and the relationship comes to an end. They will have the rights and responsibilities as they had earlier except if a court decides for them to give that up due to some reason. In a situation like this, you should go for AWS legal advice and make sure you can still be a part of your child’s life. 

There is no one like a parent for a child. But it is not easy nor practical to expect the ideal situation always. There may be children unloved and couples sad without someone to love; becoming a guardian and care for someone else is the best solution to that.

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