Benefits Of Using Card Access Systems

Card access is increasingly has become the norm for commercial premises, in addition to research centres and high-tech labs. Card access is a security feature that allows users to enter and exit any building simply swiping or pressing their card against a scanner. If card identification is used in a building’s lobby, the scanner reads the card and allows the individual to enter through an automatic gate or turnstile.

It isn’t the end of the line if you misplace your key

Traditional keys are prone to being misplaced or falling into the wrong hands. You prevent yourself from all these types of mishaps by investing in a card access control mechanism.

Let’s imagine one of your workers leaves their workplace key on the ground and it is discovered by a passer-by. If it was a standard key, that person might easily break into your shop with it. If it was a plastic key, on the other side, you won’t get any issues. Your employer will simply need to disable the card in the network and provide a new card to your employee.

Easily keep track of your entry history

Card entry control systems keep info about everyone who enters and exits, in addition to allowing for easy changes to key credentials. The swipe card access systems capture the time, place, and identity of the person who arrived when an individual scans their card. In the event of a robbery or sabotage, this makes it simple to determine who was in the property.

Save Money on Utility Bills

For a completely streamlined process, your protection system can be connected with your property management system. With all that in place, the system can turn off lights, adjust the temperature of a room, and more at the proper times.

Employees and property should be protected

One of the most important advantages of a card access control mechanism is the level of protection it provides for both your personnel and your assets.

For example, if one of your workers comes in late one day, they may be certain that they will be safe from criminals thanks to the defensive access control you installed. You can also add video surveillance features to help deter burglaries and keep an eye on your home.

Temporary Access

Card access is useful if your company employs casual or contract personnel, or if you need to offer access to customers or guests. You can grant access to anyone for as much as you desire. Card systems allow you to offer a client a badge to enter the facility for a day or maintenance workers a pass to come and leave for a month.

Getting a card access control mechanism is the most reliable approach if you want to protect your company from risks. It’s simple to see why so many businesses are embracing these kinds of security systems, given their capacity to keep unwelcome people out, keep a readily available record of data, and save money.

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