How to Increase the Versatility of Your Forklift

Forklifts have been serving warehouses loyally for a while now, and over the years many of its designs have been overhauled to make them more versatile and adaptable, according to the needs of particular warehouses out there. However, not all forklifts are built to do every strenuous activity, as some of them take a more specialised role, which could lead to less adaptability, which in turn could lead to inefficiency in warehouse operations. However, there are certain accessories that can help in making your forklift adapt and more versatile in its work. Here are just some of them;

Articulating Booms

These are accessories, which enable the stocking of heavy loads and objects over other objects in high shelves. In other words, these accessories enable you to operate the forklift just like a general purpose crane. The boom and hook attach to the load or object, making it easy for the vehicle to lift the heavy object to a higher position, thus allowing for it to be placed over other objects in the same shelf. As a result of such an accessory, it is possible to now make use of all the space available in your warehouse.

Fork Extensions

Although purchasing a specialised forklift from a website like, there still is room for certain inefficiencies to occur. One of these can be short forks, which can be sorted out with specialised fork extensions. Generally are used for lifting palletised objects and loads, these accessories allow the forklift operator to lift more longer objects that are not usually lifted in the warehouse, thus making the forklift more versatile. However, one should be careful about the weight balancing that would entail after installing such an accessory.

Work Platforms

The work platform is less of an accessory and more of a mandatory installation in a modern warehouse. This is because certain tasks have to be carried out near the ceiling of the roof, such as changing of bulbs and checking certain electrics. The work platform, when adapted to fit a forklift can enable the forklift to go to a more elevated position, making it possible to reach certain loads and objects, and transport them to where they are supposed to be shifted.

Side Shifts

Considered to be one of the more useful accessories in the road to increasing warehouse operation efficiency, the side shifter, enables the operator to position the forklift towards the load, in manner that would not make him/her reverse and reposition the forklift. This is because the accessory allows the operator to shift the carriage slightly, which makes it easier to get the bearings just right to carry that load and shift it to where it supposed to be.

Forklifts may be specialised for certain warehouse tasks, but sometimes falls short in certain instances, which reduces the versatility of the vehicle. However, these are just some of the accessories that enable the machine to become more versatile, which in turn result in greater productivity of the warehouse.

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