Questions to ask yourself before buying erotic toys in 2022

Are you planning to buy erotic toys finally? Good! it’s about time every does it. When we’re living in such a developed country like Australia where there are more than enough options, you don’t have to worry about whether you’d get what you want.

But you do have to worry whether you’d be ending up spending on something less good.

That’s why we’re going to tell you all the questions that you should ask yourself before buying erotic toys in 2022.

Is it to please me or my partner?

Here’s where most people get it wrong since we believe that you didn’t get what we really mean. Of course, if you’re getting it for yourself, you don’t have to worry about another partner. But what if you’re getting the toy to use with your partner – is it to please yourself or is it to please your partner? Know the answer for sure!

What sort of stimulation do I want?

For men, you could try getting a sex doll, a fleshlight, or even a prostate massager. For women, different equipment focus on different areas of the body – clitoris, anus, and so on. But what about the sex swings? masks? whips? bondage kits? and perhaps even collars? leashes? gags?

The more you think about it, the more diverse it gets. This is exactly why you should take time to figure out what sort of stimulation that you really need.

How do I check the size compatibility?

When it comes to female toys, the size department sure plays an important role. Because at the end of the day, not all women are of the same size, and a vibrator or even a dildo could come in multiple shapes and sizes. Hence, it’sessential that you read the product description and know that the size fits you in every way.

How am I going to buy them discreetly?

No matter how well you knew what you wanted, you might have to browse in a store and even ask for a shop employee for what you need – that can be a little bit awkward. Why should you try things the hard way when you can get better deals in online shops? That way, you’d be able to browse as long as you wanted to and order whatever you wanted in the most discreet way possible.

When should I order?

December and January are the two months the prices are the lowest. So, if we were to recommend, now is the best time to order online.

Have I made a checklist?

There’s no doubt that you know what you need – but in what order? This problem only comes when you’re a little tight on the budget. If not, shop away by all means and have the fun you deserve.

Final thoughts

Now you’re more than ready to make a purchase than how you were at the beginning of this read. That way, what you’re spending on will be the best possible options for getting what you need, not just something you feel impulsive to buy.

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