What to choose between an SEO agency and a Digital Marketing agency?

So David, with his raised brows, threw the question upon his employees – “Why do I need digital marketing when I have SEO guys here?” Well, his question is too legit. We do not doubt his serious intentions. Many people around the globe fall into the same situation of choosing between, says Blurn, SEO Agency (Sydney) and Digital Marketing Agency. After all, money is vital and you cannot just throw it. So what to choose between these two? Or is there even a need to choose amongst these two? Read below to find out what these two are and where do they help your business!

The difference between an SEO Agency and a Digital Marketing Agency!

Now we cannot tell David straightaway that he needs to choose a digital agency over a marketing agency or otherwise. Because we know that his next question would be ‘Why?” Thus, it becomes of utmost importance to know about the subjects before making a choice. Imagine being given a choice between two without telling you bits and bigs about them?

What is an SEO Agency and what does it offer?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is simply preparing the content in such a way that Google or any other search engine could understand. Why? Now, imagine going on to Google with a query. Suppose you search for “Blurn SEO Agency Sydney” to find out more about it. But then after you search, Google starts showing you some results of other poor-quality SEO agencies. Is it fine? No! Of course not! But to make sure that you see what you search for (User Intent) it wants websites to follow certain guidelines, so it could know about them. This helps Google in suggesting the right solutions for the right queries. But this is not so simple. Google takes hundreds of ranking factors into consideration before it decides where to rank a particular website on SERP. A few of these factors are:

  • Mobile Friendliness.
  • The quality of the content.
  • Quality of backlinks. Few higher DA and PA scored links are much better than few low quality links.
  • The structure of the website. User Interface and User Experience.
  • Core Web Vitals to decide about the user experience.
  • Bounce rate and User Retention rate.
  • Proper use of tags and hyperlinks.

Now, these are a few factors from the many hundreds out there. For a common person, it becomes difficult to take care of all these guidelines all the time. And above it, Google releases some 300-400 updates every year. This changes the whole structure of a SERP dream. An SEO agency (Sydney) uses its expertise to help budding websites grow to the canopy. Just as in a jungle the canopy alone takes the maximum sunlight, in the World Wild Web the first few results take the maximum user clicks. They help you set up your foot for the long term so you get searched organically without any further help. Now, what about digital marketing?

What do Digital Marketing Services mean?

Now, on the other hand, digital marketing services offer you ways to market your website, product, or service using various tools and techniques available. But why would you want to market when you can get organic results? There are few times when digital marketing services come crucial over, suggests Blurn, SEO Agency (Sydney). What are these few times?

  • Suppose you have a competitor gaining fame at some real pace over you and you do not want it to. Here, you would not want to let the competitor gain an edge over you in any means possible. This is when you would want to market your product further.
  • There are products that come seasonally. Now, we all know that SEO takes time to show results. Imagine depending upon SEO (agency) to see people buy the seasonal product. Till the time customers would see it organically, the product could have gone out of time and manufacturing. Marketing comes crucial at these very times when you need the customer to know about your product or service immediately.
  • You have the proper budget and you just want as many people as possible to know about your product and service.

Many people think that the impact of digital marketing ceases to exist after the advertisement stops to show. It is somehow wrong. When your product is good, people remember your name for a very long time. Then they search specifically on Google to find out your name and visit. So, it indirectly leads to organic search too!

What tools do digital marketers use?

Marketing digitally has evolved much. because the content has evolved, the customer behavior has changed and so have the ways of marketing. Where earlier there was only SMS marketing, TV and Newspaper commercials, now there are many more. For example:

  • Content Marketing to spread words about your website and content.
  • SMS marketing to make people find out about you through SMSs.
  • Video marketing using the video sharing platforms. Anticipation is that video will become the most used aspect of surfing the internet.
  • Using Email services to spread genuine words and not just spam.
  • Social media marketing has grown beyond expectations.

Now, what to choose between these two? David had a question and we at least have some base to ease him down a bit.

What to choose between SEO agency (Sydney) & Marketing agency?

The very first thing is to know that you do not have to choose between these two. These are not substitutes for each other, as many people do think. Where SEO has become an all-time need, there comes a time when using digital marketing becomes necessary. But, if you are short on budget and hold a long-term vision, we suggest you to go for SEO services at all costs. An SEO agency (Sydney) does not only nourish you towards a sweet and supple growth, but it also builds your image for the long term. The time to come is purely going to be digital, unless there is some brutal mishap. This makes SEO services as necessary as learning a language is for us. Digital Marketing will give your website a sudden caffeine-like hit, but it won’t stay for long.

On the other hand, if you have a good budget, then we suggest you go for both ways. The final intent of any product or service is always to keep its name echoing in the customer’s mind. These both ways together make people to find out more about your product and service. It creates a sense of trust and people start believing in you. This leads to fame and fortune.

So, if you are some employee of David, find out first if he has the budget. If he says yes but asks why, lay before him all these reasons to ease him down. Digital Marketing is like a booster for your company. The car anyhow can run miles and miles with good fuel, but in the race, it sometimes needs a nitro boost to lead ahead.

If you are thinking of boosting your website with expertise, we suggest you visit Blurn that offers expertise regarding many dynamics under one roof. Find out more about how Blurn SEO Agency Sydney has helped many big businesses around the world towards fair and sustainable growth.

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