The Art of Making the Perfect Cup of Tea

In the present times where everyone is busy with their lives, we might not be able to rely on just one person which usually is the mother, to take care of our households, cooking and even a simple act of making a cup of tea. Therefore, it is important that we learn how to make a perfect cup of tea by ourselves at home. This way our mothers will also get some rest as they do not have to everything on their own.

How to make a cup of tea?

While it is easy to make a cup of tea, it would be equally challenging to make a tasty cup of tea. First you need to boil some water and the add the tea leaves to it. Leave it for about two minutes so that the essence of the leaves is completely absorbed into the water. The amount of tea leaves used will vary depending on the number of cups of tea made.

Ideally, one teaspoon is considered to be enough for one cup of tea. Tea leaves could also be substituted with tea bags. One tea bag could be used to make one cup of tea. Once the water has completely absorbed the essence of the leaves, it should be strained to separate the tea leaves from the tea and sugar can be added afterwards. If you prefer milk tea, boiled milk can also be added to tea during this stage.

Is it the only way?

While this is the usual way of making tea at home, when making milk tea you can also boil milk and water together and add the tea leaves or the tea bag into it. Sugar can be added according to your taste afterwards. Boiling water and tea leaves together and adding milk while it is boiling is also another method to make milk tea.

When using this method, it is said that the aroma of the tea leaves is preserved as it the heat does not let the aroma leave. This also implies that the taste would differ according to the method used when making the drink, which is why making a good, tasty cup of tea is considered to be an art.

What to do if you do not like black tea

Usually, black tea is used when making milk tea but that is not the only type of tea that exists in the world. There are different types of Asian Tea with different tastes and flavours which also comes with a number of health benefits. Sometimes just the aroma of the tea leaves provides instant relaxation.

Things to keep in mind

One thing that should be kept in mind is that, not only the method used but also the quality of the ingredients used will also decide the quality and the taste of the tea. For example, water that contains a lot of minerals or chlorinated water are not considered to be the best when making tea.

The quality of tea leaves should also be good in order for the tea to taste good. You should also pay special attention to not to overboil the tea leaves as that will also have impact on the overall taste of the cup of tea.

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