Thoughtful Housewarming Gift Ideas

Moving into a new house is always quite exciting, it maybe your own child finally moving out after college, a friend finding their new place, a couple who just got married or even a family who finally bought their own place. Whatever the reason, it is always nice to celebrate the occasion with a housewarming gift.

However, the question lies about what exactly to get? What fits the criteria and will it be useful or not. You do not want to give someone something they will end up storing in a cupboard and never using again. In order to give you some insight, here are some significant, useful yet extremely thoughtful housewarming gift ideas that are sure to make an impression.

Flowers or a plant

This is a special gift for someone who appreciates plants and gardening. Gifting them a potted plant or even something they can plant in their garden is a novel and unique idea. There are various indoor and outdoor plants that do not require that too much care either. It adds colour and is a refreshing gift to a new house.

Rugs or carpet

Until you have really moved in everything, a new house is bound to look bear. Gifting someone a colourful rug or carpet too is a possible idea. You might have to know the specifications of the house and colour themes beforehand though. If you know the styles and colours the person likes a rug is great, cheaper option.


Gone are the days of gifting newlywed couples 24-piece tea sets, nowadays, people prefer something small and practical. If the new house owners need some stacking up on crockery gift them salt & pepper mugs. These are a brand of crockery that cater to all household needs. Ranging from pizza trays to cheese knives sets. This is a practical and useful gift idea that the new movers are going to be quite happy to receive.

Bed linen

Who does not like soft, comfy sheets to lay in. bed linen is a great idea for practically anyone regardless of how long or how well you know them? There are different types of cotton and fabrics that are available. You can also consider getting them a cosy blanket too. Both of these are cost-effective gift ideas that are probably one of the best things to gift.

A cookbook

If you think your new movers are going to be spending lots of time trying out their new kitchen, nothing like a good cookbook to help them get started. You can purchase all sorts of cookbooks in a local store or even online.

A bottle of wine

You can very rarely go wrong with a bottle of wine. Depending on what the person likes there are plenty of different wines to choose from. You can even open it at the housewarming party!

Something personalized

This could be anything that reminds this person of home or even something based on their interests that they will enjoy having at home.

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