Why Do You Need to Wear Your Retainer?

If you went through the effort of having your teeth aligned, you will want to do all in your power to ensure that they stay that way. When you initially get your braces off or complete your Invisalign treatment, you’re certainly sufficiently willing to wear your retainer to safeguard your freshly aligned smile. This is because wearing your retainer will prevent your teeth from shifting back into their previous positions. However, despite the fact that it may become more inconvenient to continue wearing your retainer as time passes, we would still want to discuss the following positive aspects of retainers.

#1: Aligns your teeth. It will take a while for your newly aligned teeth to get used to their new locations after orthodontic treatment. Because of your orthodontic treatment, the bones, and the gum tissue will all need time to adjust to the alterations that have been created. After having your teeth realigned, if you do not keep wearing the retainer for the amount of time that was prescribed, your teeth may shift back out of position. If you need a dentist to help you with your oral health, then look no further than dentistcoogee.com.au

The second benefit is that it protects against tongue thrust. When eating, speaking, or even when at rest, some persons have the habit of protruding the front of the tongue forward. If you do experience a tongue thrust, it may cause your teeth to shift forward, destroying the recently straightened appearance of your smile. The good news is that there are specialized retainers that may be worn at all times to protect your teeth and keep them in the correct positions.

Thirdly, it prevents you from clenching your teeth. When you remove your braces or finish using your Invisalign aligners, you may find that your mouth experiences a new sensation. As they get used to the novel sensations, some individuals tighten their jaw muscles. You may personalize retainers to serve as a reminder to refrain from clenching your teeth, so assisting you in avoiding issues such as headaches and tooth grinding.

4: It is the most important part of letting the teeth set in your mouth. After your orthodontic treatment is finished, you may need to wear a retainer to continue gently encouraging any spaces between your teeth to close. Retainers are designed to accomplish this in a comfortable way.

5. Protects oral health- Teeth that are aligned properly are simpler to clean. You may keep the results of your braces intact for longer if you continue to use your retainer. Brushing and flossing are facilitated as a result of this, assisting you in maintaining not just an uncrooked but also a brilliantly white grin.

If you struggle to remember to wear your retainer or have difficulties remembering to carry it with you, the following are some helpful hints: Maintain it in the same location at all times (like your keys). Check to see if your handbag, backpack, or other container has enough room to accommodate your retainer case. Encourage your children to keep their retainers in by rewarding them with tasty goodies, particularly for the first few weeks.

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