Why You Need To Get Black Box Testing For Your System

Black Box Testing is the procedure of testing whether a website, network, system and database is vulnerable to possible attacks and other unknown threats. Consistent testing is the solution to security threats that could result in data leaks and of stealing other valuable information. With constant testing, network security weaknesses and damaging configuration would be cared for immediately to rule out any hacking by penetration in the network security.  

Black Box Testing Could Help Devise A Security Strategy

Prevention is always better than cure. Conducting black box testing could help your cyber security consultant come up with strategies to help identify possible threats that could weaken your cyber security. When security strategies are employed, the chances of surprise attacks are minimized since fortifications are already at work. This simulated cyber attack could also determine how well the fortifications are working in case genuine attacks are being conducted on your website and system.

Black Box Testing Could Determine Existing Issues

Black box testing or penetration testing could also reveal existing network security issues. Being up to date with this testing is also recommended so as to be informed when security risks are already in effect.

Black Box Testing Reinforces Your Firewall

One of the main advantages of conducting a pen test is to reinforce your system’s web application firewall. The web application firewall is specific to web applications that identify which web traffic is malicious and therefore blocking it. Results of the pen test could help show how web application firewall policies needed to be reinforced.

Black Box Testing Determine Vulnerabilities

There are several ways of black box testing and one of the most basic is the external test which is conducted by aiming at the data that is exposed “externally” to the public via the internet such as web and mobile applications, website, email servers, etc. Internal testing could also be conducted since employees or even you could be victims of phishing emails. If anyone could extract valuable and sensitive data that are not meant to be extracted security should be improved. With the vulnerabilities to your system exposed, remedying this is the next step.

Black Box Testing Preserves Your Company’s Brand

If there are risks that your clients would know regarding using your website, they would of course choose to do business with your competitor instead. No one wants their personal information used by other parties that they did not give permission to and with the proliferation of identity theft and online crimes, people are more vigilant and cautious when it comes to doing their business online. Just one incident of a customer having their credit card information stolen while buying your product or availing of a service you offer would have disastrous repercussion to your company’s brand. 

Fixing service disturbances is costly and other disruptions in your company’s website or application causes financial losses, annoy even the most loyal customers who could generate negative feedback to affect future customers and damage your company’s brand. But, by simply asking your security consultant to conduct a pen test every once in a while could help you avoid these aggravations in the future.

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